Friday, December 21, 2007

Chuck Anderson/No Pattern

I'm not even sure where I first saw 22 year-old Chuck Anderson's work, I think someone sent me a link to his work and I was instantly blown away not only by his technical abilities but also by his amazing feel for composition and colour. There are some things that art school graduates like myself tend to pick up through various spheres of influence such as technique and application but one thing you can’t teach someone is how to have an eye for detail and, moreover, how to integrate these into the greater dynamics of a composition. Chuck has this ability in bucket loads and that is why he stands out in the oversaturated design market.

Chuck basically holds down three full-time jobs. Firstly, No Pattern is the name that he freelances under. Secondly, NP&CO. is the label under which he sells prints, t-shirts and books and also acts as an online store. Lastly, THE BRILLIANCE! is something that was started by Benjamin Gott and Chuck as ‘a labor of love/hobby/creative outlet/entreprenaurial-experiment-endeavor sort of thing’. That puts those of us who barely hold down one job quite clearly in the shade.

Chuck has worked for clients as varied as Adidas, Dolce & Gabanna, Helio, Microsoft, Nike, Mountain Dew, NYLON Magazine, Lowdown Magazine, XLR8R, Vans and many, many more and he’s currently exhibiting until the end of January at the new Threadless Gallery in Chicago, which is upstairs if you go into their new retail store. If you’re in the area I implore you to go and have a look at his work. Oh and seeing as it's Christmas a print or two would be nice, just in case you were stuck for ideas.

To learn more about Chuck and how he got his start, his influences and so forth visit his website and check out the press section where you can find various interviews with him that’ll, erm, paint a fuller picture of this prodigious talent.

Below I’ve highlighted some of my favourite pieces of his. One thing I do quite enjoy of Chuck’s is his hand drawn work. Most people who use digital media to do their artwork usually can’t draw for shit but Chuck’s ability to give life to his characters within his detailed compositions is very impressive and it comes as no surprise that he is regularly asked to speak at universities about his work.

These are his Upper Playground / Fifty24SF collaboration shoes, which I have somewhere in storage. They're dope. I need a bigger house.

This is the furniture that he did with Lars Amhoff of Kinky Form. Again if you're stuck for ideas for Christmas or my birthday...

The awesome Lupe Fiasco record cover.

This is just one of the t-shirt designs that you can buy from NP&CO.

Chuck is also available for freelance work and you can contact him through No Pattern.

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