Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Another Night On Earth

Johannesburg-based Chris Keyz is the knowledgeable man behind easily my favourite music blog on the Internet, Another Night On Earth, supplying heads like myself with quality music cultivated from his extensive and deep record collection as well as mixes from some of the best DJs on the cosmic/disco scene - people like Andrew Allsgood, DJ Bwyse, Jaz, Kool Dj Dust and, well, Paul and myself. Chris is also a great DJ with a great sense of drama in his mixes and it's just a pity that he lives in Jo'burg where the opportunity to play the music that he loves is seriously limited by the fluffy bra brigade. Chris also designed our new banner here at Kumo, and we're honoured that such a designer as talented would take the time to do some work for us, and he has also been kind enough to allow us to stick the superb artwork and the links to the mixes from his blog up here for all of you to enjoy. For tracklistings and more please visit Another Night On Earth. Thanks a lot, Chris!

DJ Bwyse - Saturnal Reflections

Sebastian Broms - All In Your Mind - Hangover Mix

Paul and Marc Get High and Go To The Beach

Paul Williams - Permanent Vacation

Diepvries - Cool-De-La

Andrew Allsgood - A Million Sunsets

Brubbek - Brubbek Love

Jaz - Fresh Into The Sexy Night

Worst Friends - We're All Friends Here

DJ Kool Dust - Change The Goddamn Beat and Don't Be A Biter

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