Saturday, August 23, 2008

Soul II Soul - Back To Life - Burnin' Bass Club Mix

I moved this week, which was/is a time consuming wretched affair but the one perk of moving beyond living in a bigger place is that I get to shuffle the record collection around a bit and this was one of the tracks that was on the bottom shelf of my Expedit where, lets face it, good records go to die. I remember playing this one to death and judging by the state of the record sleeve it has more than earned its keep. Written by erstwhile Madonna producer Nelly Hooper and the legendary Jazzie B this cut like a knife through Cape Town clubland and I'm sure that any of you that were getting right on it during the early 90s will remember this track raising the roof at places like Bar-Do-Me and the Power Station where a lot of us too young to get in would dance outside in the street, halcyon days indeed. I remember that the fairer sex used to love this and when they were happy we were happy. One of the first rules of being a DJ is that if the girls are on the floor the boys will follow, even the most hardcore of heterosexual trainspotters can't resist a bit of shake-shake. Listening to this track again after all these years nearly brought a tear to the eye...nearly.

Soul II Soul - Back To Life - Burnin' Bass Club Mix

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Anonymous said...

could you please put a new link online??
This one doesn't work and this is one of my favo songs and that remix realy rocks !!!