Thursday, May 8, 2008

Plugs - That Number

Plugs are a new band to me. Apparently one of the members of Does It Offend You, Yeah?, which is a great name for a band but I couldn't honestly tell you what they sound like. That Number is just the right side of dance rock for me and has more than a hint of the balearics to it, the crap rap down the middle being the proof in the pudding. Having said that I think it is absolutely brilliant and can see this going down really well just about anywhere that it is played. It's the type of record that I could see outshining a lot of records on a Kitsune compilation as well as going down a treat at Aficionado and how many records can you honestly say could do that? Every time I hear this I get a bit excited, download and enjoy.

Plugs - That Number

They even have a snazzy little video to go with it.

Apparently they're destined for big things, so keep an eye on them.

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