Thursday, May 8, 2008

James Pants interview

Spokane, Washington resident James Pants is unbelievably difficult to pigeon-hole - Is he new wave? Is he disco? Is he boogie? Is he electro? Is he hip hop? Truth is, he isn’t any of those, James’ music exists in those utterly unique little pockets of magic that join all those genres together. He quite proudly proclaims his music to be, “the sound of really cheap equipment, listening to a lot of records, and goofing off," and if records like ‘We’re Through’, ‘KA$H’ and his rather brilliant version of Adonis’ ‘Rocking Down The House’ are anything to go by then you can be sure that Stones Throw have unearthed an artist that will always have fresh ideas and who isn’t afraid of throwing out a few twists and turns along the way all while being incredibly original. His new album ‘Welcome’ drops on May 27th and it doesn’t matter where your musical allegiances lie, there will be something on the record that will excite you, and when was the last time we could honestly say that about an artist? I, for one, am very excited for what the future holds for James and I’ve already made space on my record shelves for his future releases.

Read the interview here.

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