Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good

Jamie Lidell has in recent years been using his dulcet tones to channel a host of soul deities through his thoroughly unique and modern take on R&B and funk. One minute he's almost Otis Redding then he's a hint of Sly and then he has a touch of Stevie to him but he's no copycat by a long way, what Jamie has done is taken his influences and put them into a thoroughly modern context. The production values and the song-writing is as strong as ever and it would be no exaggeration to say that if Robert Owens was the voice of the 80s and 90s then Jamie is destined to be the same for the noughties. Just like Robert Owens he has an innate ability to standout above the deluge of singers in the crowded market all of which is done with style and a voice that resonates through any genre that he lends his full range to.

Previously he was known for his sonic experimentation during his time as a member of Super_Collider alongside Christian Vogel and he still carries that need and that will to move music forward now that he is working alongside Mocky, and the two albums that have come out of this fortuitous relationship, Multiply and the his forthcoming opus Jim, have been as strong as anything released. Jamie also has a live show that is as brilliant as it is barmy, so check his tour dates on his website and make sure you get down to see the king of blue-eyed soul in action, you won't be disappointed.

Jamie Lidell - Little Bit of Feel Good

These videos show Jim having a lot of fun promoting his album and galavanting around Hollywood here in California and thank fuck they are aren't as bland as your usual promo videos, especially those from this side of the pond where cookie cutter doesn't even begin to describe most of the artists. Not sure where part 3 is though.

..and here he is performing Multiply with Jools Holland backing him up on the piano.

If you don't have any of Jamie's albums then quit fucking about and go out and buy them. That simple really.