Tuesday, April 15, 2008

James Pants - We're Through

Texas-native James Pants is going to blow up this year mark my words. After meeting Stones Throw head honcho Peanut Butter Wolf after his prom at the turn of the century he has gone on to intern at the label as well as to surpass his original goal of having a 45 on Stones Throw by becoming a regular on the Stones Throw release schedule and with his forthcoming debut album Welcome set to end up in everyone's recordboxes, his profile is bound to grow in the coming months. James' sound is hard to pin down but it is kind of like the bastard love child of Cybotron and Egyptian Lover getting down to the Mystic Five after being awake for three days. His style is loose enough to be funky and thankfully isn't overly-produced so his work doesn't lose that swing that works so well on the dancefloor. We're Through is one of the freshest records that I have heard in a while and I can imagine this working just about anywhere that people dance to good music everywhere from Aficionado to a block party. The dub of this in particular is incredible and he also gets points for having Parra design his record cover.

Suit up. Dive in. Get loose.

James Pants - We're Through

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