Thursday, March 20, 2008

Three Random Tracks For The Weekend, Yo!

Right, so it is Thursday and Thursdays in Casa Moi mean one thing and that is LA Ink with Kat Von D and the rest of the talented bunch and their motley cru of customers from all walks of life. Tonight some guy got a memorial tattoo for cheese, yes you read right...cheese! Long story short, he got into an accident at work then had a fair amount of his small colon removed and as a result his doctor told him that he needs to cut dairy out of his diet, so he got a tattoo as you do I suppose. People are odd.

Anyway with me physically being in California but longing to spend the disco weekend in Mancunia but as I am still in process with the USCIS (that's Homeland Security) leaving the country isn't an option, so as penance I thought I'd put up three tracks for you to download and play loud as over the next few days.

The first track is from the new Gnarls Barkley album that has recently made its way onto iTunes. Is it as big as Crazy? No, but anytime Dangermouse gets behind the mixing desk hits seem to magically appear, so expect this one to do well. Have a listen and let me know what you think.

Gnarls Barkley - Neighbors

Hercules & Love Affair are going from zero to heroes in seemingly the blink of an eye and seeing as I am trying to make this post short and sweet I thought that I would post Dan Weiss' article in the Village Voice.

"I couldn't say if it was Antony Hegarty's off-color voice or sodden tunes that pummeled my regurgitation muscles while everyone praised his triumphant I Am a Bird Now, but in any event, I certainly didn't expect him to anchor a triumphant bit of Brooklyn neo-disco. Nonetheless, from the first moments of "Time Will"—a boom-boom-snap backing Antony's eerily sexy and upright command "Don't lie to me" (a lyrical staple of both pop and disco)—you have to ask: Why didn't anyone think of this sooner? His quavering acrobatics are a perfect fit for sensational dance music. It's startling, the ease with which the unrepentant drama queen inhabits this relationship time-out, an unaffected sadness he might yet know. His voice—lonely and forlorn as it's framed by room-temperature synthesizers buzzing unsympathetically—has finally found its true calling.

It's a hell of an opening tack for Andy Butler, the DFA-certified DJ who dreamed up the glorious funkscapes on Hercules & Love Affair, the full-length, self-titled expansion of last year's "Roar"/"Classique #2" single. Now, we get not just disco divas but Moulin Rouge dioramas in Technicolor surround sound: "Hercules Theme" jams together Kool & the Gang horn lines, lascivious wah-funk, and overhead pinches of strings crashing into booming dollops of kick and snare. If the result doesn't quite amount to Saturday Night Fever, it certainly turns up the heat: Try the way the agile bass parts jog around "Athene" and "Raise Me Up."

The party holds strong into the second half, where the comedown always muddles the songwriting a little. Surprise: Antony's dramatic ululations return to rescue the trawling sonics. Where once it was hard to decide whether he was the problem or merely his tastes, it's now fun to see Hegarty dropping anchor when Butler's ambitions get too cumbersome and his slow ones sound out of breath. And when these two guys meet each perfectly—as on the projected summer hit "Blind," a mélange of Primal Scream's "Swastika Eyes" and Blur's "Girls and Boys"—they really do climb to the mythic heights of Hercules' heroic namesake."

My personal favourite from the album is Athene but the whole album may be worth your hard-earned but in truth I can't see it being in any of the end of the year lists unless it gets played to death by the usual suspects, which is highly likely. Basically don't listen to me.

Hercules & Love Affair - Shadows

This is from The Williams Fairey Brass Band's album Acid Brass that came out a while back and is a brass band playing cover versions of acid house classics, seriously. It's a bit of a crazy idea and balls to the band for doing it and it definitely is hit or miss but this version of Balearic favourite Jibaro by Elkin & Nelson is really good and appeals to my love of comedy records, especially at 9am round the McNultys. They also have what is quite possibly the shittest review ever on the deeply rubbish and pretentious Pitchfork site which you can read/laugh at here.

The Williams Fairey Brass Band - Jibaro

Anyway, have a great Easter.

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