Tuesday, March 4, 2008

From The Back of The Box part 3

This beauty samples Janis Ian's Fly Too High which was produced by disco demi-God, Giorgio Moroder in the late 70s. With the imminent release of Quiet Village's debut album Silent Movie on !K7 in April it is quite timely that I share this one with you. It has been a stable of many a DJs sets since it emerged on a criminally limited pressing on New York's Whatever We Want Records back in 2005 and it is valued at $100+ at the moment on Discogs, so it is a good thing that I own two copies of it and no I'm not willing to part with either. I love this record and it was featured on Paul and my Press Play mix on Another Night On Earth which you can download here. This record never leaves my box.

Quiet Village - Too High To Move

Lead by Miles Tackett this Los Angeles based band expertly fuses funk, soul and hip hop and this track came out originally on a Stones Throw sampler in 2001 or 2002 and this is one of my warm-up tunes as it gets people smiling. It's probably best played in a bar but it'll undeniably get people raising a glass with a smile on their face. It is most definitely worth hunting down and buying their other albums and releases as they're not just a cheap pastiche of funk music but the next step in the tradition.

Breakestra - Remember Who You Are

This is my favourite record by Sufjan Stevens and it is all about the change about halfway through when the tempo changes and the horns come triumphantly to the front of the arrangement. I've only had the balls to play this out a few times and every time at least one person has come up to me to ask me what it is but be warned it is hard to program into a set of music but when you do it can be a real highlight.

Sufjan Stevens - Come On! Feel The Illinoise!

I don't know much about Motorpsycho beyond that they are a Norwegian rock band who may or may not be the best kept secret in the world of rock 'n roll depending on who you believe. This edit was expertly played towards the end of an epic night down at Aficionado by the bearded balearic god that is Moonboots. It was particularly poignant as my wife was leaving Manchester for Long Beach and it was her last night in the city (I joined her a few months later after seeing out my contract with my employers in the UK) and it made it that much more special. That night was ended off with The The This Is The Day which unfortunately has been abused in an M&M commercial that seems to be on television every time I turn it on. I really miss Sundays at Odder entrapped in the magic that is Aficionado.

Motorpsycho - Go To California - High Feelings edit

This track samples Risco Connection's Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now and as much as I like the former this is a great update and I'm not sure who is behind it as it is dubious at best but it definitely does hit the spot musically. It was featured on the second installment of the Balearica series which was released on Balearica Records in 2006 and the series is a great way of getting some rare records for less than fifteen notes but if you played at 'Nado you'd have to wear the sleeve on your head, which is a small price to pay in all truth.

Prism - The White Shadow

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Motorpsycho are good but The Soundtrack of Our Lives are better....seek and ye shall find young Marc