Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tings 'n Things

Some exciting things are happening up here and at the school that I work at, so there should be plenty of interesting things on the blog in the coming weeks.

First off, Egon and Aloe Blacc from Stones Throw are coming up to the school and there should be interviews with both of them as well as some exclusive little bits 'n pieces for all of you to enjoy. We also have Carlos Nino from Ammoncontact and Build An Ark coming up and I'll have an interview with him up here in audio form with hopefully some exclusive bits being played from his forthcoming projects. Then we have HVW8 coming up and they're bringing Computer Jay to come and show us his box of tricks. Ryan Hunn and Jonny Dub of hoya:hoya/Sketch City infamy are also coming up to conduct a little producing session with the kids and I'll be speaking to Ryan about his new EP, which he finished the other day (aren't Facebook status updates essential?).

I've also just finished another One Hundred Project installment, this time with Red Rackem aka Hot Coins that will be up on Monday and makes for very interesting reading. This interview will be both here and on Basic Soul who will also get interviews with Clyde and one of my absolute heroes Charles Webster that should be up by the end of the month. Couple that with my record label that will be up and running come May and 2009 is looking like a bumper year.

And, yes that is a picture of where I live.

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