Sunday, December 14, 2008

KUMO is one!

I just realized that I have been posting here for a year now, and 370+ posts, 55000+ hits, 34 One Hundred Project entries and a couple of new friends along the way have made this a fairly successful start to my blogging life. This next year my goal is to finish The One Hundred Project and to take the plunge and stick my own edits and productions up here - I've snuck on a couple this year, see if you have spotted them - and hopefully get a bit of merchandise going. Most of all though, I'd just like to have a place where you'd like to come back and read every post. I'm also looking for contributors, so if anyone thinks they'd like to post here on Kumo then email me and we can make this an even better blog together.

1 comment:

davey said...

congrats on the birthday. looking forward to more ace music and writing in the 09.