Tuesday, October 28, 2008

$olal - Luna's Song - Robag Wruhme remix

This errs just the right side of being a record for a student with a lisp and pants that they've been shoehorned into and is all the better for flirting triumphantly with student danger. Robag Wruhme is an alias of Gabor Schablitzki who is also one half of one of my favourite production duos The Wighnomy Brothers, and what he has done with a fairly run of the mill but great alt-country record is the stuff of genius. As with everything produced by him there is a bounce intertwined with a kookiness that makes for a record that I can see myself coming back to in the years to come. This definitely won't be lost in the shuffle. If you're on the lookout for leftfield techno records that are as interesting as they have bite then Gabor is your man. Be sure to check the slice of perfection that is My Gloomy Head - seek and ye shall find!

$olal - Luna's Song - Robag Wruhme remix

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marish said...

nice track!! please post a link to frandga - Robag Wruhme tnx