Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Websites You Should Visit

I did a post a few months ago on 10 of my favourite websites, which you can read here, and I thought I'd add four more to the mix.


This is a great blog on African music, sourced and compiled by John Beadle who from January 1985 to June 2001 produced and hosted a one-hour program called African Beat on WYMS 88.9 FM in Milwaukee. The name Likembe refers to the Congolese version of the thumb-piano, an instrument that can be found across Africa. It's a pure labor of love and is to me the definitive source for music from the continent. Brilliant blog. You can read it here.


San Francisco-based Rebel8 is the main source for the work of celebrated artist Mike Giant. They have it all on here - witty posts, incredibly technical artwork, an openness and enthusiasm for the scene of which they are apart and a store where you can buy everything from t-shirts to socks to posters to Sharpies! What more could you ask for? You can read the blog and do a wee spot of shopping here.

Fecal Face

Fecal Face is a great resource for up and coming and established artists. The work is brave and uncensored plus the site includes blogs by some of my favourite artists such as Jeff Soto as well as interviews with artists, a gallery guide and loads more. Dive into the site here.

The Love Unlimited Soundsystem

This is a great blog. Based loosely in house and disco, they cover a lot of bases and dig up a lot of gems. They also host mixes by some great DJs and the site is well-designed and very easy to navigate. You can read the blog here.

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