Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sc-sc-sc-sc-scra-a-a-a-a-tch... SCRATCH!

I have been watching the DMC championships for years and I have to admit that I don't find anything even remotely interesting about the singles competition but the team competitions are what really get my attention. A few years ago turntables were outselling guitars by two to one and when you watch the teams battle it becomes very clear that even though they are essentially moving a piece of black crack backwards and forwards at varying speeds that they are playing the various parts in a band expertly. It must take a lot of dedication and willpower to devote a year of your life to listening to the same pieces of music over and over again in a room with three of your friends straining relationships trying to get your six minutes down. It is most certainly not for me, especially as I'd probably bring a new piece of music every day frustrating my colleagues and probably getting fired from 'the band' for being disruptive. The following three groups are easily my favourites, what I love about them is their musicality and craft. All three of these were winning routines.


Birdy Nam Nam

Scratch Perverts

I do get tired just watching it but having spoken to a quite a number of scratch DJs over the years I can tell you that they generally leave no stone left unturned from any genre in their quest for the breaks. They'll search their records out everywhere from record stores to those boxes under dusty tables in thrift stores. They can smell the records from a mile away. Check the movie Scratch for an insight into their world.

Check the records on the wall in this clip, there are some truly incredible bits.

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